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M.I.B. beat Photons 48-40

2009.06.16 13:49

Corn Hui and M.I.B. defeat Photons and go to Semi-Final.

Corn Hui scored 12 points and Chi Fu Yuen added 10, all five starters scored at least eight points for M.I.B., who took control in the second half and finished the third upset of the second round playoffs.

One tie and five lead changes conclude a close fight between Photons and M.I.B. in the first period. Two free throws and a layup by Harris Wong helped Photons to finish the first period with a 13-12 lead.

Everytime Photons tried to extend the lead, M.I.B. had an answer. Photons could not get away but managed to keep the one-point lead through another 10 minutes.

Andy Li scored six straight points for M.I.B. despite a Photons time-out for a four-point lead. After Cherry Tsui cut it to 28-29, Tim Cheung hit two and Corn Hui had a free throw followed by another basket as M.I.b. took a five-point lead into the final period.

Photons could not score on one hand and could not defend on the other. Even they could foul, Chi Fu Yuen hit four foul shots and put M.I.B. to 42-28 mid-way through the 4th period.

Cherry added a three-point shot for 37-46 and her three-point play cut the deficit to six points. Jefferson Tong added two more free throws to seal the game as time expired.

The free throw by Cherry, the smallest player in the game, came after she was fouled by Wai Keung Lee, the tallest player in the game. Cherry had a personal best 14 points, since she scored 13 in her debut in the league. Harris Wong added 10 points, five assists and five steals.

Ming Yan Tsui, the team’s leader in rebound and second in scoring, had an ineffectively night with only six points and boards apiece. He shot 3-on-11 from the floor.

Wai Keung Lee had 14 rebounds and eight points, Chi Fu Yuen had nine boards. Andy scored ning points and Jefferson added eight. Tim Cheung lost his pair of glasses in the first half but returned without it in the second. He scored one point and added two offensive boards in limited minutes.

M.I.B. had 24 turnovers, but an complete advantage on the boards at 44-15. They had 13 offensive rebounds and allowed only five.