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H.F.C. stunned D.S.F. in blow-out

2009.06.16 13:25

Nikko scored another double-double for H.F.C.

The unbeaten team is not invincible, and was just defeated hard enough. The game expected to be competitive had, however, turned to be a un-match. Entering the playoffs with six straight victories, D.S.F. lost 28-59 to H.F.C. in the second round.

Andy So hit from deep, Patrick Ip scored two and a layup from Colin Wong concluded a 7-0 run to begin the game between two contenders. Michael Chan scored his teams’ first four points, cut the lead to 4-7, and H.F.C. called a time-out when the game was five minutes old.

While the game looked to be close again, the three-point margin, unfortunately, was the closest for D.S.F. the rest of the game.

Andy So hit another three-point shot after the brief break and Ben Yu added another early in the second period for a 16-7 lead. Nikko Kwok and Tabo Chak combined for six straight points to close the first half with a 11-point advantage.

It only got worse for D.S.F. since the second half began. Two time-outs in the period did not help either. Seeing the opponent to score 14 straight game points, Mathew Wong could only stop the team’s scoring drought by a three-pointer that put his team to 14-36. Another trey by Mike Tse did not helped to make it much better, when H.F.C. could score another five more points.

Mostly on fast-break points off turnovers, H.F.C. shot 7-for-14 from the field and added six attempts at the line. The only bad side was they also missed five free throws in that span.

Led by starting centre Nikko, all H.F.C. reserves were sent to the game in the 4th period.

H.F.C. only extend the lead to 55-17 after Niiko’s basket midway through the final stanza of the game. The 38-point difference was the biggest in any S.B.L. game since the league began to record the scoring information.