2024-03-02 18:31:13

New Season Start!

2010.01.04 16:59


Kim Chau hit a three-point shot as time expired in a 36-34 victory over Spirit in the first game by the G.T. Explorers in 2010. The Explorers guard and Kit Cheng each scored 12 points. Andy Li scored a team-high 11 points including three treys but he and the the former M.I.B. could only saw the game in a loss in the final moment.

Chung Ming Mok scored 22 points and Danny added 12 and six boards as new team Ma Ying beat Chung Sing in a 50-36 S.B.L. debut. Tl Li and Kenneth Leung combined for 23 bench points as Photons beat GRIZZ 44-25 to begin the new season. New player Cheung Siu Lung scored a game-high 12 points and Trojans beat T-REX 39-37 in the last game on the first day.