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Southorn Basketball Flag ( 呢期邊個揸旗 )

2010.04.01 17:30

Obviously, this is another stolen picture… we are thieves…

A new tournament titled Southorn Basketball Flag is going to be held after the Southorn Basketball League is finished. All current (and former) S.B.L. teams will be invited to join before it will open to other teams “outside”.

This is going to be a tournament under double-elimination format and a consolation bracket provides each team with at least three games to play. Teams taken part in the half-court games last year should be more familiar with the format, and another example is the local Silver Shield games.

Tentatively, the fee is going to be around or less than $2000 at this point but we are looking for some “support” and, hopefully, would eventually having the cost reduced so we may even play and have fun with a lowered price! (Really hopefully~)

There will be a maximum number of twelve teams, and the games will be starting from June 27 and till the end of August or early September, and as usual, on Sundays.

More details will be available soon.

If you have any question, feel free to leave your message to this email address: sbflag@hoops.hk or leave a response to this post here.


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