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After the break

2010.04.01 13:30

Three, Two, One…. (and your team name)!

After another busy month, season 2010 is now three-month old. No games until April 11 but soon come is the second half of the season and it is time to predict how the teams will end up when May comes.

(Teams order by current standings shown on the league website)

FLIGHT Division

  1. T-REX (4-1)
    Having four wins, T-REX has a high chance to top the FLIGHT Division. Should they beat MA YING in next game, they will confirm at least a number two and will advance to play-offs round two directly. Despite the departure of leading scorer Chung Ming Mok, Jonathan stepped up huge this year and led his team in points (13.8) and rebound (8.2).
    Game remaining: MAY (Apr 11)

  2. Challengers (2-3)
    An overtime win over D.S.F. and another comeback victory over Tigers matched the win total last season by the Challengers. The 13.8 points by Stephen Tsang and 9.8 rebounds from Lap Chan helped Challengers become even more competitive this year.
    Game remaining: MAY (May 2)

  3. SOUTHORN Tigers (2-3)
    After a lacklustre season début and two second half collapses, an overtime victory over MA YING kept Tigers not only in play-off picture but also a move up on the standings. Benny Wong averaged 10.4 points in five games on a team that has never had anybody with double-digit scoring throughout a season. The return of Patrick Tse and Will Kam and the addition of Adrian Chou helped them to remain a force.
    Game remaining: DSF (Apr 18)

  4. Trojans (3-0)
    The only unbeaten team in the division was 4th only due to loose schedule early in the season. Beating the division leading T-REX and having the lowly D.S.F. and Chung Sing on the rest of the fixture give the 2nd runner-up last season a high chance to reach for the top seed entering play-offs.
    Games remaining: DSF (Apr 11), MAY (Apr 18), CHU (May 2)

  5. Chung Sing (1-4)
    Losing four games in a row, including a final period collapse against D.S.F., is no doubt nothing to celebrate. But an victory over Challengers helped the kids’ play-off hope alive, and their improved performance this season, even with the abscence of centre Dennis Chang, should be appreciated.
    Game remaining: TRO (May 2)

  6. MA YING (2-1)
    The new team just fell short for a third straight victory since joining SBL as they lost in an overtime game. The busy schedule with three games remaining will test the new team’s real strength and was a main factor to determine the final standings.
    Games remaining: TRX (Apr 11), TRO (Apr 18), CHA (May 2)

  7. D.S.F. (1-3)
    Since a promising six-straight winning streak last season before failing in the play-offs, D.S.F. had only won once and only over the lowly Chung Sing, even needed to comeback. But they would still have two games to prove the current standing is only a mirage, or otherwise they could end the season before May.
    Games remaining: TRO (Apr 11), SOU (Apr 18)

Jerry Lee and Trojans (FLIGHT) remain unbeaten in 2010

FORCE Division

  1. H.F.C. (4-0)
    Four wins in a row even after falling short to reach Final last season let H.F.C. remain a legitimate contender. The more evenly distributed scoring kept Tabo Chak to only a quiet 9 PPG in four contests but still he had a league leading 3.3 assists per game. Andy So’s 2.3 trey a game is no doubt a threat that other teams do not want to face. A win against SAM in April could confirm the top seed in division for the champion 2007.
    Games remaining: SAM (Apr11), GRI (May 2)

  2. Photons (2-3)
    Two outstanding victories of 44-25 vs GRIZZ and a historical 68-2 over G.T. Explorers were only followed by three straight losses. If they lose next game, Photons could not only face a four-game losing streak first time in team history but would put them behind SPIRIT if the two teams tied after six games each.
    Game remaining: SPT (Apr 18)

  3. SAMURAI (3-1)
    Forget the past. Forget how SAMURAI mysteriously lost five games in a row and eventually missed play-offs last year. With improved play by Jackie Lai (10 PPG) and the addition of Holman Kwan and his nearly eight rebound per game, SAMURAI is now within striking distance to top FORCE Division entering play-offs. Any obstacles? The next two games are both against former champions.
    Games remaining: HFC (Apr 11), DRE (Apr 18)

  4. G.T. Explorers (2-3)
    Two wins kept the Explorers relatively comfortable in the competitive FORCE Division, unlike previous seasons, when they were often hanging over the play-off picture. Kim Chau is leading his team in points (9.3), assists, steals and 3-points (1.5) and even in blocks (0.3). He was also the primary factor in each of the two victories this season.
    Game remaining: DRE (May 2)

  5. GRIZZ (2-2)
    Raymond Pak is still one of the best big in the league, Leo Chow has stepped up his game and averaged 10.3 PPG and almost two treys in four games. But GRIZZ has to keep fighting without Ka Wai Fu, one of the best scorers in the league, how is out indefinitely with back problem. And similar to SAMRUAI, what left for them are two former champions.
    Games remaining: DRE (Apr 11), HFC (May 2)

  6. SPIRIT (1-4)
    Having got the must-win to kept the hope to advance, SPIRIT beat the defending champion after four straight losses and they have a chance to remain there should they beat Photons in the last game before play-offs.
    Game remaining: PHO (Apr 18)

  7. Dream Team (1-2)
    The defending champion looked struggling, but they have three games left to prove this wrong. There enemy, however, may be their team-mates’ health.
    Games remaining: GRI (Apr 11), SAM (Apr 18), GTE (May 2)

SAMURAI lost 5-straight in 2009 including a final second loss to H.F.C.