2024-06-13 02:57:13

Twelve Teams confirmed

2010.05.18 06:58

Sorry for a late update.

There are now twelve teams for the Southorn Basketball Flag.

  1. Challengers
  2. Dream Team
  3. D.S.F.
  4. G.T. Explorers
  5. H.F.C.
  6. Photons
  7. MA YING
  8. SIPALA *
  9. SOUTHORN Tigers
  10. Squirrel *
  11. T-REX
  12. Trojans

* Non-SBL new teams

Team roster information are needed to be ready on or before May 31 to complete registration. A lottery will be held on June 6 after the SBL events of the day are finished and will be announced later.

The first four games will be played on June 27 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre. Please check the schedule page for updates.