2024-05-24 09:54:38

SBF Update

2010.06.17 05:15

Please note the games will begin on June 27 as scheduled.

16:00 – Wild 6 (Black/Orange), D.S.F. (Assuming in white)
17:00 – G.T. Explorers (White???), Challengers (Blue)
18:00 – SOUTHORN Tigers (Red), T-REX (Purple)
19:00 – Photons (Orange), Squirrel (???)

Please advice if there may be jersey colour clashes.

Twelve players are allowed to play in each game and please report to the scorer table AT LEAST FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES BEFORE GAME START and fill in the player names and jersey number.

Please double check if the jersey number of your players are correct on the Teams & Players page.

No changes on roster or jersey number are allowed ONCE THE GAME STARTED.

Please let us know if you have any question.