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Reminders for games

2010.06.20 06:54

Here are some notes to all teams.

1. Roster information

Please arrive the court fifteen (15) minutes in advance and fill in the players’ name and jersey number. Once the game started, no player not on the list is allowed to play and the player’s jersey number must be correct.

2. Bench Location

The team listed first in a match-up is the home team. The Home team is taking the bench area on the left side of the scorer’s table and will shoot at the basket on the right side first.

e.g. Wild 6 is listed before D.S.F. for the first game on June 27, Wild 6 is home team and will shoot at the basket on the right side.

3. Uniforms

According to FIBA Official Basketball Rules Article 4.3.3:

  1. The first team named in the programme (home team) shall wear light-coloured shirts (preferably white).
  2. The second team named in the programme (visiting team) shall wear dark-coloured shirts.
  3. However, if the two teams involved agree, they may interchange the colours of the shirts.

The policy will begin from now that, two teams with uniforms in the same or similar colours, rules mentioned above will be followed. However, when the same pair of teams played in a second game next time and the same situation of uniform colour applies, no matter which team is entitled as the home team, the previously home team shall wear dark-coloured shirts.

In case the team needed to be in another colour but do not have an alternative, we can loan training bibs in orange (numbered #4-15) to the team at a cost of $50 and just return to us at game end.

Otherwise mentioned, the on-site referee(s) shall rule and teams shall follow.