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Travelling after Blocked Shot?

2010.07.04 23:30

The play-by-play for this video is:

  • Red #8 – 2PA
  • Blue #8 – BLK
  • Red #8 – Offensive REB
  • Red #8 – TOV (Traveling)

While “The ball may or may not have left the hand of the shooter for the block to be counted” and Red #8 obviously look to shoot, the ball does not leave the hands of Red #8 and a travelling violation was called. This is the example 4 in the Rebound section.

This video shows another blocked shot:

In this video, the play-by-play is:

  • Blue #10 – 2PA
  • Blue #4 – offensive REB
  • Blue #4 – 2PA
  • Red #21 – BLK
  • Red #21 – defensive REB
  • Red #21 – TOV (Ball Handling)

After Blue #4 attempted a shot and the ball travelled upward in the air, it become a valid field-goal attempt. Red #21 altered the flight of the ball thus Red #21 is charged a blocked shot.

A rebound must follow a field-goal attempt, therefore Red #21 is also charged for the defensive rebound.

Also in this play is another example of non-steal turnover. While there was body contact between Blue #4 and Red #21, it was more a ball handling error (Red #21 started to dribble before the legal body contact happen) than a mistake caused by Blue #4.

Blue #18, who recovers the ball, will also not be charged any statistics in this play.