2024-04-16 07:16:17

Turnovers without Steals?

2010.07.04 08:30

In the first part of the video, White #1 dribbles the ball and loose control before any defending players have any actions. Neither Red #14, who is the first person who touches the ball after it was loose, nor Red #7, who recovers the loose ball, should be charged any steal. White #1 shall be charged a turnover (Ball Handling) and no steals shall be charged.

In the second part, Red #7 passes the ball the Red #34, who cannot control the ball. White #11 recovers and controls the ball for the ensuing driving to the basket. If a statistician is satisfied that #34 should have enough control but made a mistake, the turnover shall be charged on #34 (Ball Handling). Otherwise, #7 shall be defined to have a bad pass turnover. Since White #11 did not do anything to initiate the opponent’s mistake, no steal shall be charged.

Do you agree in either or both these explanations?