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Who gets the rebound?

2010.07.18 08:30

The play-by-play in this video:

  • Yellow #11 – 2PA
  • Yellow #11 – offensive REB
  • Yellow #11 – 2PM

While Yellow #2 and Red #15 fights for the rebound and Yellow #2 tips the ball up, neither player has control of the ball yet. The loose ball is at last recovered by Yellow #11 and score. Should Yellow #2 looks to have intention (control in other words) to tip the ball to Yellow #11, which is NOT in this case, Yellow #2 shall be charged an offensive rebound and an assist, since Yellow #11 scored immediately after he got the ball.

Another case below.

After the shot was missed, Black #8 taps the ball away, White #9 recovers the ball.

1. If the statistician is satisfied (i) Black #8 intended to tap the ball and pass to Black #10:

  • Black #8 – offensive rebound
  • Black #8 – turnover

2. If the statistician is NOT satisfied Black #8 has control of the ball when he touches it:

  • Black #8 – no statistics
  • White #9 – defensive rebound

In both cases, White #9 is NOT charged any steal because even in case 1, he does not force the mistakes made by Black #8.

(Another story in the video is about offensive foul or players’ “cylinder” position. The referee, in this case, should have the judgement of both White #33 and Black #10 are legally extending their arms and other body parts, and therefore no foul was called on either player. The reason for this judgement requires further study of rules and regulations on Fouls and is not covered here.)

Another rebound situation in this video:

While Purple #4 cannot balance his body since he tips away the ball, he chases for it and later looks to has intention (or control) to pass the ball to Purple #21. Purple #4 shall be charged a defensive rebound.

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