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New faces, and an old face

2010.12.23 00:01

Three new teams joined the Southorn Basketball League in coming season.

  1. B.O.B.: Connected from Penny Wan of Dream Team, B.O.B. is one of the two completely new teams this year. B.O.B. should be acronym of Baptist Old Boys.
  2. La Star: Another new team to the league come by an interesting story — “Summoned” to join an half-empty indoor court a couple of months ago, the group of players turned from complete strangers to friends on the court and after a few more times playing together, they now even compete in the League.
  3. Wyverns: Well, this is a team might have joined the League a few seasons ago. Entering this year as one of the Trojans, John Chow (in picture above, dated 2008) will be in a new uniform and bring us Wyverns, the third new team.

The first game of the League will begin on January 9, 2011. Visit the League’s website or like SBA Facebook for more updates.