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Count Down to 2011

2010.12.31 09:59

Nothing much special could be on the last day of the year, and it is still some time to go before the new season begin. It looks like we might simply spend time to look back and see what happened in the past three hundred and sixty four days.

(It should be three hundred and sixty two days, since the 2010 first game was played on January 3)

10. Hit and Run (or “Won and Gone”?)

First appeared in Southorn Basketball Flag, Wild Six lost only once in the series and they follow it by being the only unbeaten team in the 5th Southorn Basketball 3-on-3. They simply just might feel that’s enough for the moment, as they are not going to play in S.B.L next year.

9. MA YING flies high

As a new team in SBL 2010, MA YING had score 12 more points than its opponent in nine games. If not an “amazing over-time loss” to SOUTHORN Tigers, the group could only be defeated by one single team — the then SBL Champ Trojans.

8. Tigers Roar

Highlighted by an over-time victory against MA YING and played in the highest scoring game ever, SOUTHORN Tigers failed to reach second round in S.B.L. again, and simply lose two more in SBF. Still the Tigers found life with two consolation victories in the Flag series and followed by four wins in Original Four.

7. 68 and two

In the most lopsided game in League history, Photons not only scored a record 68 points but they allowed only one first period basket from the opponent. The 66-point margin looked to be a record for really quite a while, if not forever.

6. 73 points by T-REX

Sixty eight points are already many, T-REX (or should G.T. Explorers be credited instead?) just give the League the idea that we can top the 70s.

5. Finally a FACE

Not something really important but here may be another good place to ask more to like the SBA’s Facebook, which finally is really in use this year: http://www.facebook.com/hoops.hk

4. Biggest Comeback

Two wins may not be evidence enough to establish a “SAMURAI-killer” for G.T. Explorers yet, but their victory against SAMURAI on March 7 and the 12-point deficit comeback is the second largest margin overcome by any team at anytime in the game and is the biggest 4th period comeback in league history since the figures was traced. The Explorers scored 21 points in the final period, and they did it following a score-less 3rd quater.

3. Sponsored Team

H.F.C. has a new set of uniforms, but what was most attractive were the text printed on it. Nice change!

2. New Stuff: Southorn Basketball Flag

A new series of games, worth mention. Wish you like San Jin (http://thelandpharm.com/wp/) and the Penguin by Kong Kee (http://penguinlab.net)

1. Trojans win it all the second time

Trojans joined Dream Team to be the only other team that won twice in S.B.L. and it means should there be a Final match-up of the two next season, we will need to prepare for a new Trophy in the year following. Time to make new one yet?