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You got a “T”

2011.02.22 00:00

No, you are not getting a technical foul.

Instead, to celebrate the 5th year of the Association, each team taking part in this year’s Southorn Basketball League is going to receive a set of twelve tees. As to save time and load to administer, the set of tees will be of random sizes M~XXL (mostly L & XL) and in five different colours, representing five different statistical category respectively.

I believe some teams may want a particular colour/stats with a particular size, feel free to trade with other teams~ (If your team have spare tees, you can return to us and we may give it to other helpers, referees, and/or friends as gift too)

The exact ready date of the tee is to be announced. You may get the “tee-pack” when your team plays next time.

The picture below is, obviously, a reference only. (Click on it to enlarge).

Thank you very much for your support.

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