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Southorn Basketball Flag II

2011.03.20 11:13

The SBA is planning for the short series during summer time again. While not all details are confirmed at this point, we would like to test the response first. Interested teams please leave us your message here or to sbflag@hoops.hk with your contact information (name, e-mail address and/or mobile phone number).

Tentative Information:

  • Duration: July to September 2011
  • Capacity: eight (8) Teams
  • Fee: about $2500
  • Number of games: three (3) to seven (7) (depends on result)
  • Game format: Double-Elimination
  • “Warm-Up Interval” (as in S.B.L.) only available for Final game day(s)
  • Single Two(2)-minute overtime interval and/or “Golden Free Throw” for tied games (except Final)
  • Other rules same as HKBA public games

If we receive good enough responses for the event, we may expand the capacity from eight to twelve teams like last year.


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