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O4 Final 2012

2012.10.18 20:34

Finally, the short Original Four series this year has only one game day left.

The series has evolved from two years of 4-day series to an one-day event last year with only three team, missing the meaning of “four”. It is a pleasant re-union this time around when we have again all the four teams gathered to play for three days in six games.

This coming Sunday (Oct 21) will mark its end and the day will feature SOUTHORN Tigers (2-0) against SAMURAI (1-1) at 18:20, followed by M.I.B. (1-1) against G.T. Explorers (0-2).

Variation of the final ranking is limited, but still it is unknown until at least the end of the first game:

Case 1 – If SOU beat SAM

  • SOU become first team (3-0);
  • MIB will, with winning the tie-breaker against SAM, become second (2-1) if they beat GTE; Else MIB, GTE and SAM will all be 1-2, the result will be depends on the final scores.

Case 2 – If SAM beat SOU

  • Both teams will tie with SAM winning the tie-breaker, i.e. SAMURAI become the first team if MIB lose to GTE;
  • Else, MIB, SAM and SOU may group in a 3-way tie, if MIB win also in the same evening and needed a second classification to determine winner.

So little teams, so complicated…