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Two More Than Last Year

2012.12.22 08:57

At last, there will be twelve teams for Southorn Basketball League 2013, two more than previous season. It is a good news after the league size was reduced from 14 to only ten in last year.

The 12-team play-offs bracket of Southorn Basketball League 2011:

While Chung Sing is the missing team from last year, there are three teams not from previous League to join this time. Avengers, a “re-born” team joined since Southorn Basketball Flag last year by some former Trojans players, will return to the League along with two brand new faces called “B.B.B.” and “The Expendables X“.

Returning to a 12-team league size:

  • Teams will be divided into two divisions, play in a single round robin and one more match-up within the same division;
  • Teams will be ranked and the top two teams in each division will enter the round two play-offs, while the other eight teams take part in the first round.
  • Play-offs match-ups will be set base on “higher rank vs lower rank”, ideally having the two best teams facing in the ultimate battle.

AvengersB.B.B.The Expendables X