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Finalizing Standings 2017


One game day left before the playoffs begin, still only five teams have locked their positions and the result on April 23 (tentative date) will decide the brackets for playoffs, which will begin on May 7 tentatively.

Flag starts tomorrow


Here comes July and the summer time!

Flag Draw Result


The Draw of Southorn Basketball Flag 2016 is done at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre this afternoon, a place that NO SBL games have been played in 2016.

Road To Macpherson 2016


SBA will be ten years old this summer, to celebrate it a bit and make it special (also a bit), the Final of Southorn Basketball League is going to be held at Macpherson Stadium…

Finalizing Standings


Eight teams have finished the six division games of the Southorn Basketball League 2016, but the most of the play-off positions could still be only finalized after next Sunday at Smithfield Sports Centre.

SBL Power Ranking


Happy Chinese New Year, and the first month of the season has just ended, but it means the new year has just begun!

SBL’16 has 12 teams


Welcome back, BKIDS. And then we have twelve teams in Southorn Basketball League 2016.

10 League Teams, 8 in Flag


NEW EMPEROR, SAMURAI and Ryders just joined also HOOPS 2016.

EMPEROR Ready To Defend Championship


While the amazing team in yellow and blue are 15-to-zero in the best basketball league in the world, the team in yellow and blue in the Southorn Basketball League is getting ready too.

Right Direction


Train defeat the reigning League Champion and will face The Expendables X in the next match-up of the Southorn Basketball Flag, which is held at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre this Sunday.