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SBL Power Ranking

2016.02.08 17:26

Happy Chinese New Year, and the first month of the season has just ended, but it means the new year has just begun!

Okay, pay attention, this is a (subjective) power ranking rather for fun, instead of the actual standings in the league.

FLIGHT Division

  1. BKIDS (3-0) – They are not going to score 90 points every game, but they are no matter how one of the undefeated team so far and the only team with three wins at the same time.
  2. Millennium (2-0) – Despite a win by forfeit to conclude the month, it is still impressive as they won the season debut against H.F.C.
  3. H.F.C. (2-2) – One of the two teams with four games has won the same number of games as they have lost. H.F.C. looks to contend every season, but they have never been so unstable like this year.
  4. GRIZZ (1-2) – Their biggest problem is still their uniforms, and also who are going to show up in a particular game. They could have completely five different players in the next game, when it could be without substitutions.
  5. Fluke (1-2) – Losing two games in a row does not matter too much as they bounced back and beat H.F.C. to hang on the standings.
  6. SOUTHORN Tigers (0-3) – Two losses followed by a last one by forfeit, rock bottom, these are the two words to conclude for the lowly Tigers.

FORCE Division

  1. The Expendables X (2-0) – The expendables had two narrow wins against NEW EMPEROR and SAMURAI, but a win is a win, a two-to-zero start is good anyway.
  2. SAMURAI (2-1) – The victory against Train may be a bit unexpected, and after a relatively easy rout against Ryders, SAMURAI’s winning streak was stopped by the team above.
  3. Train (2-2) – The winner of Flag 2015 have new uniforms, quite some new faces, and they started to lose more than to win finally, until they make it even again. Similar to the other 4-game team, they split the four games.
  4. EMPEROR (1-0) – The defending champion has no sign of slowing… just because there was only one January game and so they have a perfect month with a 58-50 victory against Train, which was the Flag Champion 2015.
  5. NEW EMPEROR (0-2) – They have had a promising start to begin the season and a lead in the season debut, only they failed to sustain it and was outlasted by The Expendables X in the 46-43 defeat. They followed it by a loss to Train.
  6. Ryders (0-2) has yet to record a W so far, with quite some new faces, they are at least looking forward to a new set of uniforms.
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