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Join Southorn Basketball League Now


The Southorn Basketball League is now officially open to ALL until the 14-team capacity is filled. There are five current teams already confirmed with payment, while some other teams by various means revealed they should be joining the coming season again. Interested teams, new or old, please find the link below to send us your info, we […]

About Southorn Basketball League 2011


HERE COMES THE SBL AGAIN!!! This is going to be the fifth anniversary of the Southorn Basketball League , one special arrangement is, the Final game day will be held at Southorn Stadium at Wan Chai. All teams taken part this year should have received an email about staying for 2011. The fee this year […]

Double-sized League


Three months after the Trojans becomes the second champion of the Southorn Basketball League, the third season has begun with six more new teams, which has doubled the size of the league to twelve teams. Led by Leo Chow and some members from M.I.B., a seventh team has joined the league which is called “GRIZZ“, […]

Points Scored in League


As H.F.C. advance, Tabo could have three more games to reach another milestone in the Southorn Basketball League.

League To Start Soon


Yes, I know you’ve been waiting for too long… The Southorn Basketball League is going to start soon! The fixture of the first game day is finalized.

League 2015 Tentative Schedule


The tentative schedule for Southorn Basketball League is released. The contenders will conclude the division stage in April.

League Bracket Updated


Just a quick update on the bracket, and the League schedule is also updated. They are shown on the homepage of the Southorn Basketball League.

Southorn Basketball Flag 2013


2012 Results: The short series, which we need to have eight teams, will be held this year like before from July to August/September. Current SBL teams are invited first in the mean time, and it will open officially in late April. Any other interested teams can feel free to leave us your message here (write in this […]

Tentative League Schedule (Dates)


Tentative schedule for Southorn Basketball League 2013.