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Bobcats and Pelicans

2013.05.19 21:02

Just want to do a little silly thing to clarify what may be happening, if Bobcats is going to change its nickname to Hornets.


  1. “Team A” is Charlotte Hornets at the beginning, Team A is Charlotte Hornets;
  2. Team A moved to New Orleans, became New Orleans Hornets;
  3. “Team B” started at Charlotte, called Charlotte Bobcats;
  4. Team A changed their nickname from Hornets to Pelicans, i.e. New Orleans Pelicans;
  5. Team B is now trying use the nickname Hornets, if they succeed, Team B will become Charlotte Hornets;
  6. The “Team-B Charlotte Hornets” is NOT the “Team-A Charlotte Hornets”.



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