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SBL2014 Enrollment On Monday

2013.11.16 07:39

Three current teams, H.F.C., SAMURAI and Ryders, have confirmed to play in SBL 2014 during the early-bird period, which will end on Sunday. The League will open to all on Monday.

Any new team interested to join can do so from November 18, until the maximum 14-team capacity is filled. Please let us know here if you have any question.

See also the previous link here: http://hoops.hk/blog/2013/11/01/sbl-2014-coming-soon/


The enrollment will be confirmed once the payment is received.

Click here to join Southorn Basketball League ]

Fee $5200
Number of games 6 to 10*
Schedule January to July, 2014
Time and Day: Sundays, afternoon to evening, unless specified
Site: Indoor courts under LCSD on Hong Kong Island, usually at Central & Western District

The fee per team is $5200 plus $500 deposit. The deposit will be refunded after season end when nothing special happened. Interested team can confirm with payment to the following bank account and send your receipt copy (or screen capture) to sbl@hoops.hk for confirmation:

HSBC 045-210309-833

You may either:

  • Do it at once, i.e. $5700 ($5200 + $500), and save your time; Or
  • You can deposit the first installment of $3200 to reserve a seat first and follow by second one $2500 ($2000+$500).

Please kindly find the rules and regulations on the reference section too: http://hoops.hk/references/