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HOOPS 2016 Is Open

2015.11.05 22:37

The next Southorn Basketball League will begin in 2016 January and we are now looking forward to seeing 14 teams to play together again. It is now open for application.

[ Click here if you are a NEW team who want to join ]

In the 10th year of Southorn Basketball Association, most settings remain pretty much the same as previous seasons:

1. Fee & Number of Teams and Games

  • The fee for each team is $5600;
  • A maximum of fourteen (14) teams will be divided into two divisions;
  • With 14 teams, each team will play at least six (6) games, teams advanced into play-offs will play at least one (1) more game;
  • The format may vary with number of total teams not equal to 14 while the number of games will remain similar;
  • The 3rd-place game may NOT be organized in 2016, subject to announce during the season;
  • All games will be officiated by referees from Hong Kong Basketball Association, unless specified;
  • For teams who are willing to pay at once also for Southorn Basketbal Flag, the total fee is discounted (save $500):

[ We may play here in June 2016 ]

2. Schedule, Time and Venues

  • All games will be played either in the afternoon or in the evening, on Sundays;
  • Games will be held at indoor basketball courts on Hong Kong Island, mainly at Central & Western District, unless otherwise specified;
  • Tentative game dates will be available later;
  • Tentative date, time and site may change due availability of basketball courts and will be specified;
  • Should any team which are not available on a particular tentative game dates, the League, although not guaranteed, may arrange not to assign games on that date with advance notice. Team managers are advised to inform the Association BEFORE the League begin.
  • Schedule for Flag, on the other hand depends on the bracket progress under its double-elimination format.

3. Payment and Enrollment

  • The enrollment deadline is 2015 December 5.
  • $500 “Caution Money” is required, it will be refunded at the end of the season provided nothing special happened;
  • Fee for teams who join the League only: $5600+$500=$6100;
  • Fee for teams who join both League+Flag: $8100+$500=$8600;
  • Interested team can confirm with payment to the following bank account and send your receipt copy (or computer screen capture by online payment) to sbl@hoops.hk for confirmation: HSBC 045-210309-833
  • Teams can deposit the first installment of $3000 to reserve a seat first and follow it by a second installment:
    i.e. $3100 ($2600+$500) for League only or $5500 ($5000+$500) for League+Flag
  • “Do it at once” bonus: teams can get an extra $100 discount:
    i.e. $6000 for League only or $8500 for League+Flag;
  • In any case, the first installment and League-only fee are not refundable.
  • In the rare case of Flag being cancelled, a sum of $2400 ($8000-$5600) will be refunded to all teams paid the League+Flag price;
  • Information on player and team registration will be given by email once payment is confirmed.

See also rules and regulations in the References section: http://hoops.hk/references/

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