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Flag 14 #8 – X Is Still At 8th


The Expendables X tried, but still fell to only the 8th-place game, which they’ve won it.

Statisticians’ Manual


This section is a copy of the Basketball Statistician’s Manual by FIBA. INTRODUCTION Following an initiative by several stakeholders of the global basketball family, the FIBA Statistics Manual that has existed since the early years of computed statistics, and that had been revised in 2005, has been completely reviewed and brought up to standards. The […]

CHU 26, DSF 37


Michael Chan scored 12 of his personal best 21 points in the first half and D.S.F. won in the new teams match up in the season debut. Despite another personal best 12 points from Kwan Ho Yu, another former SAMURAI, Chung Sing lost 26-37 and was out-rebounded 14-34.