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Wong Chuk Hang Sports Centre


Wong Chuk Hang Sports Centre, which was commissioned on 25 January 1979, is located at No. 168 Wong Chuk Hang Road in Aberdeen, which is adjacent to Aberdeen Sports Ground. The first round play-offs in 2008 nearly needed to postpone due to unavailable court bookings but enough hours were booked at last at Southern District […]

Round 1, Fight!


Leo and Yin will face Adrian and M.I.B., their former team. Four teams will end their season on the coming Sunday, and the other four teams can advance in the playoffs. While Photons, H.F.C., D.S.F. and Challengers await for them on June 15, the S.B.L. Playoffs 2008 will begin on June 1 at Wong Chuk […]

Final Fight


It is getting close to the S.B.L. Playoffs 2008. Some teams are locked for standings. Photons will be number one in FLIGHT Division, SOUTHORN Tigers and M.I.B. are 5th and 6th. Chung Sing is done for this season despite having one game left. H.F.C. won over GRIZZ and confirmed a top FORCE seed followed by […]