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HFC 54, TRO 42

2006.11.19 22:20

Trojans topped the 40-point mark in three straight games. However, they did it in a lost in the latest contest. H.F.C. beat Trojans 54:42 and became the first team to score more than fifty points this season. The win also gave them the number two seed in the playoffs, and they will face the winner in the match up of M.I.B. and G.T. Explorers on Dec 17 in the Semi-Final. Three H.F.C players scored in double digitl. Forward Tabo Chak matched his career high 20 points, despite 2-7 at the free throw line. Nikko Kwok added 14 points and 10 rebounds. Colin Wong had 13 and two assists. The three players combined to made half of the 38 attempts from the field. Trojans centre Michael Lau was off to a quick start. He missed the first attempt but made the next four from the floor. He had a team-high 15 points, nine rebounds, two steals and three blocks for the evening. But the game was stll close in the first period. Each team answered the other“s basket by another as they tied at 11 entering the second period. H.F.C. pushed the offense, shot 9-13 in the period in the second period, and break the previous record of points scored in one single period by having 19 points. Tabo Chak outscored the entire Trojans in the period by scoring 12 points. He shot 5-7 from the floor including a three point shot, and added one free throw. Trojans leading scorer Jerry Lee was cool for the night, made only two field goals and had four points only. After four treys in the pervious game, he missed all seven attempts. He had also three assists and three steals. After shooting .416 in the first half, trojans just made one-third of the shots in the second. Trojans foward Vincent Siu added 10 points, one board and one assist. Teammate Wan Man had seven points and rebounds apiece. H.F.C. averaged 41.4 points in five games. The team became the first team to scored in double digit in all four periods. Trojans forward-centre Will Kam attended the game but was not on active list due to injury. SAMURAI scored 53 points on 2006 June 25. Tabo Chak remains the only player to score 20 points. He matched it in a loss to SAMURAI on 2006 October 22.

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