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MIB 32, GTE 14

2006.11.19 22:10

M.I.B. won consecutive games for the first time as they pounded the again depleted G.T. Explorers 32:14. Both teams looked flat at the beginning. In the first period, M.I.B. had six points, four from free throws. The team has only three field goal attempts, while the Explorers had only four. Bryant Chan, the leading scorer for the Explorers, hit both attempts and scored all the four points for his team. With just six players dressed, G.T. Explorers forward Frankie Chan spained his ankle in only the first period. But it was not serious. The second period looked very different. M.I.B. scored 12 points on 5-9 shooting and 2-3 at the line, and helded the opponent scoreless. The Explorers commited 6 of their 12 turnovers of the night in the period, and missed all the five attempts. M.I.B. lead 18:4 at the halftime break. Frankie Chan returned to the floor and scored all his seven points in the second half. Bryant Chan matched a team-high seven points and the two scorers combined for all the team“s points. M.I.B. centre Adrian Chou lead his team in scoring for the second time and had break his previous record. He scored nine points each in the previous two games and had a game-high 12 points for the night. Despite a win, M.I.B. is the only team other than SAMURAI who did not score 40 points against the Explorers this season. Frankie Chan scored only a total 4 points in the previous four appearance in the league. Eddie Sze did not score for the second time after adding at least two points for his team in the first three games. After scoring only two points in the pervious game, M.I.B. forward Jefferson Tong did not start for the second straight game and had a career low one point. But he added eight rebounds and one steal. Cheung Lau took played for the second time in this league. As the SOUTHORN Tigers lost on the same day, the Yin-Yang pattern of win-loss for M.I.B. and Tigers continued. The two teams did not win on the same day for ten times. M.I.B., ranked number three, will play again with the G.T. Explorers in the first round playoff on Dec 3. The Men In Black on the two meetings with G.T. Explorers both in training bibs.