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Staying at The Top (Part II)

2008.02.26 17:24

Ah So leads the league by 17.5 PPG

Ah So leads the league by 17.5 PPG

Photons and GRIZZ remain unbeaten in two games and were the top teams of their divisions. They were trying to extend their winning streak to three games at Harbour Road Sports Centre on March 2 when they play against Trojans and Challengers respectively.

Game 1 at 17:10 – Wild Beasts vs Dream Team

On Sunday, Wild Beasts are looking for their first win against Dream Team, who just finished a high scoring victory with 59 points against Challengers. The quickness by Dream Team will be Wild Beasts’ headache. Dream Team lost only one of three games played, to the division leading GRIZZ by two points in their match up.

Game 2 at 18:20 – SOUTHORN Tigers vs M.I.B

The slumping SOUTHORN Tigers lost two in a row to begin the season and they may still find it difficult to bounce back this Sunday against the retooled Men In Black/Battle. Despite a 4-0 history of the two team’s match up, SOUTHORN Tigers are at a low, not only struggling to score but also to defend. While M.I.B., with the addition of some new faces, looked good in spite of a 1-2 result so far. M.I.B., scoring just about 30 points a game entering the season, has now averaged 38 points in the past three games.

Game 3 at 19:30 – Photons vs Trojans

The surging Photons won two straight and will try to beat Trojans for the third and take the leading position in the division. They lead the league by 40.5 points in two games and Cherry averaged two treys a game only behind Ka Wai Fu who had a record of five in one game earlier. Trojans, champion of the second season, will look for a bounce from a 14-point loss against the division leading T-REX. Patrick Tse has a league high 4.5 assists per game but the team will may need their scorer to wake up as Jerry Lee averaged only 7 points in the two games this season, almost four less than last year.

Game 4 at 19:40 – GRIZZ vs Challengers

Disappointed in the Final in previous season, Ka Wai Fu is leading the GRIZZ all the way now and trying to fight for the third victory against Challengers (1-1). The two teams met in first round playoff last season when GRIZZ beat Challengers 33-20 but both teams upgraded this season and will see which team improved more.