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2008.03.23 14:46

G.T. Explorers is 0-2, but they still have time.

G.T. Explorers is 0-2, but they still have time.

G.T. Explorers was idle since they missed the second game in the season on January 27 against H.F.C., who is finally also back in real action on Sunday (March 30) at Harbour Road Sports Centre. It means both teams will return to hardwood since they lost in almost three months time.

Game 1 at 17:10 – Photons vs D.S.F.

Photons and D.S.F. shared the top rank in FLIGHT (both 3-0), and they will share the court on March 30 at Harbour Road Sports Centre. Harris Wong led Photons by 8.7 points and Ivan led in rebounds (7.5).

Benson Kwong sprained his ankle in the first period but, with 11 points and 8 boards, finished the previous game, a 30-29 victory over T-REX. His status is uncertain. Michael Chan had 10 points in that event.

Game 2 at 18:20 H.F.C. vs Challengers

After a 50-59 loss to Dream Team, Challengers won two in a row and will look for the 3rd against H.F.C. on Sunday. H.F.C. has been idle for months despite two wins with nobody to play with, so they are looking for a real victory this time. They lost in overtime in the season debut against SAMURAI, who just lost to Challengers on March 16 at Sheung Wan.

Game 3 at 19:30GRIZZ vs G.T. Explorers

The Explorers (0-2) did not play again since January and they are looking for the first win this season against GRIZZ, the 1st Runner-Up last season. Ka Wai Fu was fouled out with single digit (9) scoring in the previous loss but still a threat to the Explorers.

Despite the worst record in FORCE division, G.T. Explorers has four games left to play so they still have chance to get into playoffs should they can beat SAMURAI and Wild Beasts later in the season. G.T. Explorers had a 34-24 victory over GRIZZ last season, when Ka Wai Fu made only one of the 14 attempts and scored only six points. Michael Killeen had nine for the Explorers in that game but has now returned to the states.

Game 4 at 19:40 – Trojans vs M.I.B.

M.I.B. (1-3) is going to make a win against the Trojans (1-2), who lost two in a row since they had season debut victory, and if they do, M.I.B. will secure a playoff spot. M.I.B. defeat Chung Sing (0-4) in a 49-43 victory before they dropped two games against Photons and SOUTHORN Tigers.

After a victory in the season debut, Trojans, Champion of the second season, fell to 1-2 after they lost to T-REX and Photons. Trojans and M.I.B. tied an all-time series 1-1.