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If the Playoffs Started Today

2008.04.16 18:08

Photons clinched a number one seed in playoffs

Photons clinched a number one seed in playoffs

The playoffs will not yet start today, but the overall picture is getting clearer.

Since the league has expanded from 12 teams to 14, the playoff format is slightly different this season.

  • The top two teams in each division, like last season, will have a bye-round in playoff round 1.
  • The top teams will face the winner of the 4th seeded team in the other division and the 5th seeded team of the same division, while the second seeded teams await the result of the 3rd seeded team in the other division and the 4th of the same.
  • This would try to mixed the match-ups and potentially allow the first opponent of each team in the playoffs be a team from a different division.
  • The last (7th) team in each division will miss the playoff.

Photons clinched the top seed in FLIGHT Division after five straight wins, while Chung Sing exited early from the picture after their 5th loss. By figures, all four teams may still go to number two while D.S.F. and Trojans,who will square off on the final day, are having a higher chance. M.I.B. is locked at number 6, the final playoff spot in the division, no matter they win or lose in the final match up.

Should GRIZZ win the next game, the re-match of the Final in 2007 of H.F.C. (4-1) and GRIZZ (3-1) may be needed to determine who rule the FORCE division. Challengers may still take a number two seed as they win a tie-breaker against GRIZZ. While the final game between Dream Team and SAMURAI will resolve ranking, Wild Beasts and G.T. Explorers may fight to decide a final playoff hope.

We can see what “IF“: Click to view SBL 2008 Playoff matchups

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