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S.B.L. Team Admin

2008.04.16 18:12

Cheung Lau (M.I.B.) is one of the hard working managers behind S.B.L. Teams

Lau9 (M.I.B.) is one of the hard-working managers behind S.B.L. Teams

Firstly, let us thanks our team managers who have been putting relentless effort to handle this and that for our different teams. Their effort outside the basketball court will never be put below the sweat by the players inside.

Some new features were recently added to the Team Admin page for S.B.L. Teams and team managers please feel free to try (and report if you find any bugs…). Here is a list of the features currently available on the Team Admin page.

  1. Roster
    This is the same basic feature teams have been using. In this part other than the basic player info, the only new feature this season is an Injury Note. Teams can write short information about player injuries and this will be shown on the team’s page. ( I still hope teams are putting their team member’s real date of birth…)
  2. Account
    This is simply a page to change the login password. An email will be sent to the email address registered after the password is changed. (The login E-mail address remains the same as before.)
  3. Upload

    • Team Photo – This is the photo currently linked below the right side bar on the team’s page on the league website. The photo uploaded will be resized to 600 px * 400 px.
    • Player Photo – This is the head photo for each player. After upload it become 75 px * 100 px and will be linked automatically to the player’s page and other sections on the web which shows the player’s head photo.
  4. Photo keyword
    Besides the Photos page on the league website, league photos were linked *automatically* to players’ pages and teams’ pages. This works because a keyword was linked to a particular photo. To do this, for example, to Tabo Chak, simply put the registered player name “Tabo Chak” to a photo through this Photo Keyword page and the photo will be search-able for keyword of the player’s name and also linked to the player page. Please note some photos may be shared by more than one team and the shared keyword field can be modified by another team. But I believe no one will try to remove other’s things.
  5. Google Calendar
    This is not actually a feature of our website but just a link to the Google Calendar. If you are using it, you can add the S.B.A. Calendar to yours (or search “Southorn Basketball Association” in the calendar).

Although we never know whether a new feature is possible to the website, please feel free to leave you comment and perhaps your idea is also what others want.

Vicky handles team affairs for T-REX.

Vicky handles team affairs for T-REX, their version of Lau9.