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Still Exploring

2008.04.20 00:00

There is not much time left to explore now.

There is not much time left to explore now.

There are still one unbeaten team and two winless teams. G.T. Explorers, one of the two teams still looking for a first triumph this season, will try to get one on April 27 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

Game 1 at 18:10 – M.I.B. (1-4) vs D.S.F. (3-1)

After Chung Sing’s 5th loss, M.I.B. is locked at number 6 in FLIGHT Division regardless of the results in any other games since even they won this final match against D.S.F. and improved to 2-4, they lost tie-breakers to both Tigers and T-REX, the only two teams possibly ended up with only 2 wins. While a victory by D.S.F. may not means they can secure a number two seed since if they lost the final game against Trojans (3-2), the men of Troy will win the tie-breaker.

Game 2 at 19:20 SOUTHORN Tigers (2-2) vs T-REX (2-2)

The two teams ended up with the same result from different directions. The Tigers in red lost two straight to begin the season but calmly come back by two victories and secured a playoff berth. On the other hand, the ancient beasts defeated M.I.B. and routed Trojans, but followed by two losses and fell to 2-2 and the number five ranking. Both teams are looking for a better position in playoffs and this game will be crucial to the final standing.

Game 3 at 20:30 – G.T. Explorers (0-4) vs Challengers (3-2)

Time is running out for the G.T. Explorers, who has not win a game in four tries. Should they lost this fifth game, they still have a chance if Wild Beasts lost on the same day as the two teams will play in a final match on May 18 to decide the final spot for playoffs in FORCE Division.

Game 4 at 21:40 – GRIZZ (3-1) vs Wild Beasts (1-3)

Lost in three of four, Wild Beasts should try to secure a playoff berth by winning in their second last game against GRIZZ, the 1st Runner-Up last season. Wild Beasts took one victory in an exciting 42-40 game against Dream Team in the mix of other three losses this season, including a previous game forfeited, which leave them idle since March 2. Even if GRIZZ improves to 4-1 by winning this coming match-up, or loses it and drop to 3-2, they will still need to face H.F.C. (4-1) to finalize the standing.