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Short-handed D.S.F. Still Rout Wild Beasts

2009.01.12 16:12

D.S.F had only six players dressed, Michael Chan had eight turnovers, but the D.S.F. forward overcame it with 18 points to lead all scorers of the night and took a 41-23 victory over Wild Beasts, who dropped two in a row to begin the 2009 season.

Kim Fung Chan led all Wild Beasts by eight points and was the only Beasts scorer in the first period. D.S.F. led 5-4 when both teams started slowly in the first ten minutes. Wild Beasts already had eight tunrovers in the firsr period, when D.S.F. had five.

Penny Ng made his first attempt and extended the lead to 9-4. Another Penny, Chan, from Wild Beasts scored all hist six points in the second to pull within 12-15. Benson Kwong split a pair of free throw, scored the last point in the first half and D.S.F. was up by 4 at the intermission.

Tiredness on D.S.F. did not seem to be helpful enough for Wild Beasts to chase from behind. Tony Chan hit a free throw and made another basket and Wild Beasts was behind 15-20 mid-way through the third period, and they did not score any point until Kim Fung Chan made a layup in the beginning of the final period. Capped by Michael’s three-pointer, a 10-0 run in the middle of the second half, D.S.F. was leading 30-15 with no more than 5 minutes left on the game clock.

After Kim Fung Chan scored two more points, Michael answered another three and the 8-2 run afterwards gave D.S.F. a 20-point lead with less than two minutes left.

Michael fill the sheet with 18 points, six boards, four steals and an assist. He shot 6-10 from the field, including both attempts from the three-point range, and was 4-6 at the line. Mike Tse added 6 points and four assists, Benson Kwong had a game-high 8 rebounds.

Kim Fung Chan scored eight points with 3-11 shooting, seven rebounds, two steals and assists apiece.

Two teams combined to commit 46 turnovers.

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