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Around The League: February

2009.02.28 20:28

Photons and D.S.F. are two 3-0 teams in their division.

More games were played after another month was finished, and the league is still having more unexpected to come. There were lots or rebounds, and also five bonus minutes, and, still, two unbeaten teams.

FLIGHT Division

D.S.F. (3-0) handed Challengers (0-3) another loss and improved to 2-0, despite playing with an average six players per contest. And when the two unbeaten team square off, T-REX (3-1) played the worst game this season and the loss may fail them for the first place in the divison.

Challengers then faced SOUTHORN Tigers (2-1), and they were really challenging this time. Led by three in the final period and still by one with 10 seconds, they gave away another offensive rebound and Tigers sent the game to overtime and then took it away.

SOUTHORN Tigers had three players in double-digit scoring and edged the young Chung Sing (1-2) in a 44-43 victory, that handed the later their second straight loss after winning the first game in the league in this season’s debut. And the overtime victory gave them the second win this season and two in a row.

M.I.B. (1-1) and Wild Beasts (0-2) were idle in the month.

FORCE Division

SAMURAI (1-1) had again only one game this month, when they failed to beat the Photons (3-0), who remains unbeaten. Both teams had subpar performances in the only meeting but Photons still got on the better side and outlasted SAMURAI in a 28-26 victory, and is staying at the top of the division.

Dream Team (1-2) stunned H.F.C. before they lost in a re-match of 2008 Final when they lost 32-44 to Photons. Ming Yan Tsui hand 19 and 15 for the orange army and was dominant against the undersized defending champion. The defending Champion then lost the next game to GRIZZ (2-1).

Failed to score over 30 points in all games during the 2008 campaign, G.T. Explorers (0-3) had reached the mark the second time in three games this season but they lost 34-38 to Trojans (1-1) and was still win-less in two months. Both teams played only once this month.

GRIZZ improved to 2-1 and was unbeaten in February.


Both against Dream Team, Photons’ forward Ming Yan Tsui tied the league record 15 rebounds on Feb 8 and GRIZZ’s centre Raymond Pak did the same on Feb 22. Ming Yan had a 19-15-3 while Raymond got a 14-15-2. Michael Lau was the only other player ever had more than 14 points and 15 boards in the same game, which, again, the opponent was Dream Team.

Only after Raymond’s effort on Feb 22, Challengers forward-centre Yu Yin Hon set a new league record by grabbing 17 rebounds.

Harris Wong become the first player to have six steals in two straight games.

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