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Around the League: April

2009.04.28 23:30

SAMURAI can sit and watch if they can’t at least win just one more game.

Let’s round-up for four games in a relative quiet April before the come of May, when it must be noisy especially for teams fighting not only for positions but also in the playoff race.

FLIGHT Division

Although we do not have a player named Jordan, Michaels in FLIGHT Division do matter.

Behind 14 points from Michael Chan, D.S.F. (5-0) beat M.I.B. in a 44-41 overtime victory, clinched a top seed in division and confirmed also T-REX a second place to enter playoffs this season. D.S.F. has a final game before playoffs on May 3 against SOUTHORN Tigers. The loss gave M.I.B. a same 3-2 result to Tigers and both teams will play their next game to decide who can rank 3rd for playoffs.

Michael Wu made two treys and scored 10 points in a 37-27 victory, when T-REX (5-1) handed Wild Beasts a fifth loss. But the team could not get the first place in the division after seeing D.S.F. improved to 5-0 in the same evening. T-REX finished six games with a 5-1 result. Wild Beasts (0-5) will need a final fight against Challengers for the playoff seat.

D.S.F. (1st in division) and T-REX (2nd) will have a first-round bye and start the playoffs on June 7, site and time to be announced.

SOUTHORN Tigers (3-2), Chung Sing (1-4) and Challengers (1-4) were idle in April.

FLIGHT Division Standings Summary


FORCE Division

Finally, the unbeaten Photons (4-1) lost a game in 2009, at Harbour Road Sports Centre to the surging GRIZZ (4-0) which won four in a row since they fell short to comeback in a season debut loss. This victory may help GRIZZ to stay atop in the division and already locked them with at least a third place. Photons failed to score 30 points for the first time since they beat Trojans 29-23 last year in March, also, at Harbour Road Sports Centre.

Behind the final-second basket by Tabo Chak, H.F.C. beat SAMURAI (1-4) and improved to 3-2. Exactly the reverse result to GRIZZ, SAMURAI won its season debut but then lost four straight games. The situation is clear that, one more loss by them or one more win by G.T. Explorers, who is also 1-4 overall, will mean SAMURAI is done for this season.

Dream Team (2-2), the defending champion, G.T. Explorers (1-4), and Trojans (2-3) were idle in April. Dream Team (2-2) may rank as high as number 3 since they hold the tie-breaker against H.F.C. but is also possible to miss playoffs if they lose both (SAM & GTE) games the rest of the season.