2024-05-21 21:14:14

HOOPS.HK on iPhone & iPod Touch

2010.03.14 13:06

Some of the iPhone users who visit our site may have noticed the Southorn Basketball League website has a different version when viewed on iPhone or iPod Touch, which is a simplified version of the league website. (If you want to browse the full website, you can choose “SBL Full Site” from the menu.)

For easier reference, here is a walkthrough on how to add an “icon” to your home screen, so you can go to view the site by a simple touch. (Sorry, this is really NOT an APP!)


Go to the website by your iPhone or iPod Touch. You only need to put “hoops.hk” and it will bring you to the mobile site.


Scroll to the bottom and tap on the link “for iPhone bookmark“.

3. A big logo should appear and please wait for it to load completely. Tap on the logo or the link “Tap to fit logo to top“, and it will move to fit the logo to the top of the screen.


Tap on the plus (+) sign and choose “Add to Home Screen“.


You can put anything you want to the title. Tap “Add” and it is done!


You can do the same thing for teams by going to the teams’ pages and repeat the above steps.