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FIBA Rules and Et Cetera

2010.07.20 18:21

1. FIBA 33

There is recently a new set of rules called FIBA 33 . This is a set of rules for the half-court, 3-vs-3 game which has been in use since the Youth Olympics in 2008. Some notes on the rules:

  • Games are divided into two 5-minute period instead of one ten-minute span
  • No time-outs
  • Four (4) players for each team, each with five (5) fouls
  • After successful field goal, opponent team throw-in behind the end-line (underneath the basket)
  • Ten (10) seconds on shot clock
  • Team wins before the end of a regular playing time if 33 points are scored

Download the rules (at FIBA.com):


2. FIBA Rules and Regulations 2010

Just re-post the old news from FIBA on the new rules. As you may notice there has been discussions and questions about the new court lines. The exact implementation of the new settings shall depends on the Hong Kong Basketball Association (and/or on-site settings in case it varies from court to court).

The notes on FIBA rules change:


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