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April 17 Preview

2011.04.12 12:53

The first two games on April 17 will mark the first time an S.B.L. game held at Lockhart Road Sports Centre, while the other two is again in our more popular site at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

@ Lockhard Road Sports Centre

16:15 – Dream Team (3-1), SOUTHORN Tigers (2-2)

It will be the first-time meeting between Dream Team and SOUTHORN Tigers. The Tigers will enter Sunday with two straight losses and is unlikely to have an easy one facing the two-time champion. Dream Team edged Chung Sing in a previous game which needed over-time and will keep the chance for first seed alive by winning this game.

17:25 – G.T. Explorers (0-4), Wyverns (1-2)

G.T. Explorers can only hope to find a win with only two games left, but Wyverns would like to take this one so to secure their advance ticket. Coming off a win over Photons and with three more games to play, Wyverns can still rise further in the division standing.

@ Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre

19:00 – Trojans (2-2), B.O.B. (4-0)

The defending champion will need this win in order to gain ground in the crowded middle rank of FORCE Division, just they have to beat B.O.B. which has not yet lost a game so far.

20:00 – D.S.F. (1-3), LA Star (1-3)

Both teams with identical records have lost three of the four games they played. Two avoid an hole too deep to climb back, both have just to try their best to get this one.

Dream TeamSOUTHORN Tigers
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