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Unbeaten B.B.B. Edged Dream Team


MVP: Perhaps an MVP is not always on the winning team. Chiu Ka Wai singlehandedly kept Dream Team in the low-scoring game, had 14 of the team’s first 16 points through the middle of the third period. (But it was the number four on the other team that took over in the final period, see […]

Can Slumping Dream Team Win on Sunday?


Dream Team look for win against Ryders and SPN vs BBB at Harbour Road. HFC face GRI and SAM vs AVN at Shek Tong Tsui.

Dream Team Lost 3 In A Row, 38-50


Lai Ngai Fai (SPN #25) scored a game-high 17 points and helped Spartans to win 50-38 on Sunday and improved to 2-1. Desperately looking for a first win this season, the two-time champion Dream Team lost a third straight game this season.

New Team B.B.B. scored 53 against Dream Team


Big man Chan Chi Lung (BBB #32) scored 18 points and 11 rebounds, Tony Cheung (BBB #0) was perfect from the field and at line for 14 points and added ten boards as the two double-doubles lifted new team B.B.B. for a 53-42 victory over Dream Team, the former two-time champion that lost two straight […]

Matrices Edged Dream Team, Enters Final


Matrices beat Dream Team 39-37 on Sunday at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre and become the team entering Final for all three Flag series.

Dream Team Breaks Scoring Record (Apr 15 Round-Up)


[ April 15 Round-Up ] Dream Team set new records and more on Sunday at Sheung Wan Sports Centre

Dream Team Edged H.F.C. in Debut


Two players from teach team scored in double figures as Dream Team edged H.F.C. 44-38 in the first game of 2012.

Collapsed Dream Team miss Semi-Final


The two-time champion Dream Team has as their streak of reaching final four snapped at four after a 30-47 blow-out loss to H.F.C.

GRIZZ beat Dream Team 39-30


Andrew An scored 17 and 6 in his S.B.L. début and helped GRIZZ to beat Dream Team 39-30.

Starters rested, Dream Team ranked 2nd still


The usual starters for Dream Team started the game on the bench and Dream Team beat G.T. Explorers 49-41 despite a scoreless combo from Seung Lung Chin and Chun Hong Tsoi.