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Example Only: FORCE Division standings

2011.05.02 13:05

Please kindly forgive my lack of ability to comprehend the FORCE Division standings clearly in the mean time. But I just tried my best to have a study.

= = = I. Five-way tie = = =

Assuming PHO and HFC both lose on May 15 by scores of the same 25-35 (mock result in orange) and lead to a 5-way tie standing result:

FORCE Division Standing Example Table

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If both PHO and HFC lose on May 15, it will not only result in a five-way tie with five 3-3 teams in the overall standing, but also all the teams involved are 2-2 as shown in the above second classification. Goal Average (GA) within the group will determine the final ranking. In the above EXAMPLE, according to the GA, the order will be (FORCE Division overall standing in bracket):

  • Photons (2nd)
  • H.F.C. (3rd)
  • Wyverns (4th)
  • MA YING (5th)
  • Trojans (6th)

= = = II. If only either PHO or HFC win = = =

Since both teams win tie-breaker against MAY, the winning team (4-2) will be 2nd and the losing team (3-3) will fall to a three-way tie with MAY (3-3). Using a 35-25 case again:

2011 FORCE Division 3-way ties table

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  1. only PHO lose
    • TRO will be 3-3. PHO-TRO-MAY each win and lose once in the group
      • H.F.C. (2nd overall)
      • Photons (3rd)
      • MA YING (4th)
      • Trojans (5th)
      • Wyverns (6th)
  2. only HFC lose
    • WYV will be 3-3. WYV-HFC-MAY each win and lose once in the group
      • Photons (2nd overall)
      • H.F.C. (3rd)
      • MA YING (4th)
      • Wyverns (5th)
      • Trojans (6th)

In theory, the GA will be affected by the final scores and is to be decided. You may try different scores on an on-line spreadsheet (Google Docs) here.

= = = III. If both PHO and HFC win = = =


  • Photons (2nd, 4-2)
  • H.F.C. (3rd, 4-2)
  • MA YING (4th, 3-3)
  • Trojans (5th, 2-4)
  • Wyverns (6th, 2-4)

Please kindly comment below if you find any mistake(s) in this *analysis*. You may click here to view FIBA Rules and Regulations.

If you are still reading form the top to this line, you really love basketball (and rules…). Thank you, very much, for reading.

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