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Winner 2013: Photons


Considered one of best teams in SBA for long, Photons grabbed a first title in Flag 2013.

Photons First SBA Title


Photons beat SAMURAI a second time in one week and become the winner of Southorn Basketball Flag 2013.

SAMURAI Fight Photons on Sunday


Rested for three weeks, SAMURAI will play in the Final of Southorn Basketball Flag on Sunday against Photons, who is coming back from the loser bracket and looking for revenge.

Photons Face B.B.B. on Sunday


SBL match-ups on March 10 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

No Unbeaten Teams, Otto Beat Buzzer and Photons


Toni Ho ties the game for Photons before Otto Chan beat the buzzer by a turn around jumper to give MA YING a third victory this season.

Alex Poured 25 in Photons Loss


Photons lost to Trojans 48-56 in the second round on Sunday despite 25 from Alex Choi

Photons Handled Short-Handed MA YING


With four usual starters not with team, MA YING lost 17-44 against Photons.

Dream Team Beat Photons 40-32


With only six players, Photons were out-matched by the younger and quicker Dream Team. Chun Hong Tsoi scored a game-high eleven points and Ka Wai Chiu added ten as Dream Team won the first time this season and handed Photons a second straight loss.

M.I.B. beat Photons 48-40


Corn Hui and M.I.B. defeat Photons and go to Semi-Final. Corn Hui scored 12 points and Chi Fu Yuen added 10, all five starters scored at least eight points for M.I.B., who took control in the second half and finished the third upset of the second round playoffs.

5 Photons Scored 46 in Loss


Michael and Trojans hand Photon’s second loss in 2009 With each player playing all 40 minutes of the game, Photons — who had only five players available — almost erased a 13-point deficit and just missed a three-point shot at the end of the game before they lost 46-48 to Trojans.