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Photons Face B.B.B. on Sunday

2013.03.08 08:05

Photons (0-2) is looking for something: a first win in 2013. After losing to MA YING (3-0) in last year’s SBL Final, Photons has yet to win a League game this year. They will try to avoid a third loss in a row but needed to so against B.B.B. (0-3), the new team that has yet to lose a game since joining the Southorn Basketball League.

Finally tasted a victory last Sunday, Dream Team (1-3) will look for one more win this Sunday against the unbeaten MA YING (3-0).

At 17:10, GRIZZ (1-2) will play The Expendables X (0-1), the other new team which only played their second game since joining. And the day will be concluded by the match-up between long-time friends-and-foes SOUTHORN Tigers (0-2) and SAMURAI (1-2).

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