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Points Scored in League


As H.F.C. advance, Tabo could have three more games to reach another milestone in the Southorn Basketball League.

PHO Edged EMP, Won First Title


Photons handed EMPEROR their first loss this year in the most important game of the League season and become the champion 2014.

Attack on Pearl Harbour


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! And, everything is under control, right? The SBL Final 2014 will be held at Harbour Road next Sunday.

2008 Final Re-Match?


Once upon a time (okay… it’s only just less than six years ago), Photons and Dream Team faced in the Final of Southorn Basketball League.

Happy New Season


Tip Off! The League began in the busy two-week span right before the break for the Chinese New Year. Here is the January round-up.

Winner 2013: Photons


Considered one of best teams in SBA for long, Photons grabbed a first title in Flag 2013.

Photons First SBA Title


Photons beat SAMURAI a second time in one week and become the winner of Southorn Basketball Flag 2013.

The Leading Scorers


(Sorry, we cancelled any prize or award for the scoring leader since a few seasons ago already.) Chiu Ka Wai (DRE #4) has his season ended with Dream Team’s loss in the second round, but he is still leading the league with exactly 13 points per game. Kenny Tsang (BBB #4) averaged 12.3 points per game […]

Next: “Elite Eight”


A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

April 21 Round-Up


Photons look to reach 3rd place in Division and Avengers stay unbeaten on Sunday.