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April 21 Round-Up

2013.04.23 12:16

Photons look to reach 3rd place in Division and Avengers stay unbeaten on Sunday.

Both Photons (2-3) and Spartans (3-3) won on Sunday and while Photons own the tie-breaker against Spartans (3-3), they will be ranked 3rd if they can win their next game against Ryders (0-5), who lost their 5th game in a row.

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Photons and Spartans split their season series:

2013.01.20 28 32
2013.03.24 48 36
Total 76 68

Dream Team (2-4), on the other hand, dropped to 2-4 after the loss and even Photons lost their next game and also finished the division stage at 2-4, Photons will be placed first just because of this match-up result. Thus Dream Team is essentially locked at the 5th place* in FORCE Divsiion and will face GRIZZ in the first play-off game this year on May 12.

Chiu Ka Wai (DRE #4) scored 16 points in the loss and averaged a league-leading 13.2 points after six games. In the same game, Harris Wong (PHO #8) scored 14 points to go along with 11 rebounds for the double-double, added 3 assists and steals apiece and his 11 points per game is second to Chiu.

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Avengers (5-0) handed The Expendables X a fifth loss and will face H.F.C. on April 28 to fight for the top seed in FLIGHT Division.

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SOUTHORN Tigers (0-5) reached a new low with a 5th straight loss to SAMURAI (3-3), which has clinched a 3rd seed in the division regardless of the games’ result. While the two 0-5 teams in Tigers and The Expendables X will fight for the 5th place in division on April 28, SAMURAI is locked to face Ryders in the first-round play-offs on May 12, 22:25 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

MA YING (4-1) and B.B.B. (5-0) will also play on April 28 to determine which team enter play-offs as the division’s top team.

The games on April 28 will be played at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

* In the rare case if Photons “lost by forfeit” on April 28 against Ryders, Photons will score “zero points and Ryders will score “2 points” in classification. Photons will then be 6th in the division while Ryders be the 5th and Dream Team be the 4th.

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