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Elite Eight is what they call it in NCAA: The term “Elite Eight” refers to the final eight teams in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship“.

The first round play-offs finished on the day when we were also celebrating with our Lady Mother Lover on Sunday and after four teams down, four teams advanced and will face their bigger opponents on May 26.


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1. Dream Team beat GRIZZ 37-27 In Heated Game

Dream Team was the lower seeded team but indeed tied GRIZZ on win-lose record as both teams were 2-4 in their respective division. While Dream Team has a better goal average entering Sunday, their victory means all the better teams in the first round won and advanced. Chiu Ka Wai (DRE #4) scored 11 points and remain on top of the scoring leader list this year with 12.9 PPG. While Roger Mahmud (GRI #32) was called for a technical foul after his fifth personal foul, Ryan Murphy (GRI #50) was called for an Unsportsmanlike foul earlier and four Dream Team Players had four fouls. Fu Ka Wai (GRI #4) return to action for the first time since he last played in 2011, also against Dream Team on August 21.

2. Spartans Beat The Expendables X also by ten points 

Mathew Ng (XPX #34) had a game-high 14 points (more than half of team total), 11 rebounds and two blocks, but the new team scored only 27 in the afternoon while Spartans got four players with at least seven points and led from start till end. The Spartans will advance to next round and face the unbeaten Avengers. Lai Ngai Fai (SPN #25) led all Spartans with 10 points.


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3. SAMURAI Rout Ryders 35-18

Dickson Chau (SAM #7) was unstoppable in the first period with eight of the teams’ 14 points while holding Ryders to only two field goals for four points in that span. A 5-0 run in the second period ballooned the lead to 15 which SAMURAI sustained until the rest of the game. Bernard Sin (RYD #4) had 10 points and rebound a piece is still the only Ryders, since they joined HOOPS.HK, who scored a double-double, it is his third double-double in 18 games.

4. Photons Hold Off Short-handed Tigers Rally

A basket by Mak Ching Yi (SOU #88) with just more than a minute left cut the deficit to only four but the SOUTHORN Tigers, short-handed throughout the season, could not defend Li Man Pan’s three-point basket down the stretch which sealed the game. Led by 15 points from Li Man Pan (PHO #13), three Photons scored in double figures. Lok See Chung (PHO #38) added 13 and Harris Wong (PHO #4) scored 11 points to go along with seven rebounds, four dimes three steals and one block.

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Perhaps this is something harder than memorizing Pi, but it is always a good thing to remember these:

  • The team listed first (e.g. Avengers in the AVN-SPN match-up) is “TEAM A” (Home team);
  • TEAM A will take the bench ON THE LEFT SIDE of the scorer’s table;
  • TEAM A will have their pre-game warm up at the court ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the scorer’s table;
  • Vice versa for “TEAM B”.

Click here to view FIBA Basketball Rules 2012.

If you don’t even know what is the “scorer’s table”, here you are a capture of page 8 of the official rules:

2013051201201305120220130512032013051204AvengersB.B.B.Chin Seung LungChiu Ka WaiDickson ChauDream TeamFu Ka WaiGRIZZH.F.C.Harris WongHerman TangHon Sheung Hong HenryKelvin NgKenny TsangLai Ngai FaiLi Man PanLok See ChungMA YINGMak Ching YiMathew NgMike MakOtto ChanPatrick IpPhotonsRoger MahmudRyan MurphyRydersSAMURAISin Ka KeiSOUTHORN TigersSpartansThe Expendables X