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A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

H.F.C. Top Division after 5th straight win


H.F.C. enters play-offs as a first seed from FLIGHT Division after the victory over GRIZZ on Sunday.

Spartans pull away in second half, beat GRIZZ


Another semi-finalist last season also lost their first game of this year but GRIZZ was beaten by a new team Spartans 34-29.

Second Chance


Matrices and B.O.B. still winning, Photons, SAMURAI, Trojans, Dream Team fighting to survive.

Michael, Jerry Rout GRI 27 Points


Michael Lau (TRO #11) scored a double-double and a game-high 17 points and Jerry Lee (TRO #5) added 14 for Trojans, who rout GRIZZ 59-32 in Semi-Final on Sunday and the defending champion is returning to the Final for a 2010 re-match.

Leo Led GRI to Top, Sent SAM to Bottom


Leo Chow scored 12 of this a game-high 14 points in the final period to put GRIZZ atop the FLIGHT Division, and the loss ended SAMURAI‘s season in just the middle of May.

Mar 27 Round-Up: Can’t Just Be Good for Only 40 Mins


FORCE Division leading B.O.B. stay hot and remain unbeaten, GRIZZ improved to 4-1 and G.T. Explorers continue to fall. However, the most exciting game was the nail-biter between Dream Team and Chung Sing as the last game on March 27.

Mid-Point (March 27 Preview)


After three lowly seasons, Chung Sing is now surging and will challenge Dream Team in their next game of the season.

Mar 13 Round-Up: Break The Ice


After Sunday, G.T. Explorers (0-3) and SAMURAI (0-3) are the only two teams without a single victory yet this year. D.S.F. (1-3) and Wyverns (1-2) tasted the first win this season finally, beating GRIZZ (3-1) and Photons (2-2) respectively. Meanwhile, SOUTHORN Tigers (2-0) edged LA Star (1-3) and H.F.C. (3-1) handed MA YING (2-2) their […]