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Matrices Surging, Avengers… avenging


Avengers shook off from the loss on Day 1 and handled the again short-handed Ryders with a 58-29 victory at Harbour Road Sports Centre.

MA YING soars to final four


Six players scored 5 or more points to lead a balanced attack for MA YING to rout SAMURAI in a 45-24 victory. Jackie Lai and Patrick Lai each scored 8 points in another sluggish performance which is not enough to help them win a second playoff game.

Original Four United


「有光明嘅地方就有黑暗,有正義嘅地方就有邪惡!」(Or vice versa) While there is a team called SOUTHORN Phoenix in the 10th anniversary, they will need an opponent for a game.

Photons First SBA Title


Photons beat SAMURAI a second time in one week and become the winner of Southorn Basketball Flag 2013.

Eric Lifts SAM Past GTE With “My Time”


Eric Leung (SAM #6) did not score 17 points or make five treys again, but his running layup put SAMURAI up by two points late in the 4th period, a lead he and teammates sustained and beat Explorers 33-29 in the second game of the Original Four series.

M.I.B. Come Back in OT Win


[ O4 Day 1 Game 2] SAMURAI collapsed in regulation, M.I.B. win overtime game.

A Brand New Champion


Photons will face MA YING in the championship game on June 10.

Half Baked


Two games finished, two games to go. SOUTHORN Tigers (2-0) erased a 12-point third-period deficit and beat SAMURAI 37-34 in the second game of Original Four.  Patrick Tse scored a game high 11 points and Benny Wong added four free throws in the final seconds to seal the win. Kelvin Ng scored 10 points and […]

SAMURAI kept SPIRIT from first victory


Perhaps the worst performance by SAMURAI in four games this season, still they defeated the opponent after a 31-24 victory over the also-sluggish SPIRIT, which dropped to 0-4 and is on brink of missing the playoffs.

SAM beat GRI, Leo’s 22 wasted


Leo Chow scored 20 of his game-high 22 points, also a personal best, against SAMURAI in the first three periods but GRIZZ lost to SAMURAI 37-42 on Sunday.