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Original Four United

2016.06.06 23:35

有光明嘅地方就有黑暗,有正義嘅地方就有邪惡!」(Or vice versa) While there is a team called SOUTHORN Phoenix in the 10th anniversary, they will need an opponent for a game.

On this 10-year-old birthday, how can we miss the first four teams of Southorn Basketball Association, M.I.B., G.T. Explorers, SAMURAI and SOUTHORN Tigers? After some discussion between the old members of these four teams, they decided to have three representatives from each team to form a brand new squad called ORIGINAL FOUR UNITED. In the alphabetical order of the team and then player name:

  1.  Chan Ho Yin, MIB #13
  2.  Leo Chow, MIB #17
  3.  Ma Chun Yin, MIB #14
  4.  Ivan Choi, GTE #55
  5.  Barton Lai, GTE #99
  6.  Eddie Sze, GTE #23
  7.  Jackie Lai, SAM #11
  8.  Kelvin Ng, SAM #10
  9.  Jefferson Tong, SAM #8
  10.  Ben Cheng, SOU #33
  11.  Wilson Chow, SOU #9
  12.  Stephen Lam, SOU #41

Let’s go!

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