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Original Four United


「有光明嘅地方就有黑暗,有正義嘅地方就有邪惡!」(Or vice versa) While there is a team called SOUTHORN Phoenix in the 10th anniversary, they will need an opponent for a game.

Nine Teams in Flag 14


Two new, seven old: nine teams will be fighting for the Flag this summer.

SOU 37, MIB 33


Terence Chan missed both free throws as the game begins, M.I.B. grabbed the rebound and Samson Tong scored his only goal of the game on the ensuing fast break, as M.I.B. take the lead 2-0 first. Two consecutive three-pointers, however, by Benny Wong and Ken Leung, a layup by Will Kam, followed by a three-point […]

Challengers Beat Buzzer, Chung Sing


Chun Lam hit a three-point shot right before the game end. Challengers won its first game this season in the last seconds after Chun Lam hit from deep and beat Chung Sing 32-30. Down by one with just more than ten seconds, Lok Ming Sin had the ball. He scored on an layup and took […]