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Hoops Around The World


The first non-HK born player in Southorn Basketball Association is featured in the middle of the picture above. Of course, we are not talking about the one who is shooting the ball, even though he does have chestnut-coloured hair. Ever since the very first game hosted by the Association, we have had foreigners taking part, […]

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A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

2013, Fight!


The SBL 2013 started with a win by the defending champion MA YING over Dream Team.

Round One, Fight


MA YING face GRIZZ, SOUTHORN Tigers meet Ryders in the first round of Southorn Basketball League 2012 Play-offs.

Second Chance


Matrices and B.O.B. still winning, Photons, SAMURAI, Trojans, Dream Team fighting to survive.

Leo, Andrew Lift GRIZZ Past D.S.F.


Leo Chow (GRI #7) tied a season-record five three pointers en route for 17 points and Andew An (GRI #99) added 10 and 9 as GRIZZ escaped from a late rally by D.S.F. and advanced to Semi-Final for a second straight year.

Round Two – FIGHT!!


Here comes the second round of S.B.L. 2011. ARE YOU READY?

GRIZZ 再下一城,穩小首組首名


(石塘咀體育館, 3 月 27 日) GRIZZ 在 4 節賽事中一直領先,終以 51 比 32 大勝 SOUTHORN Tigers ,局面相當一面倒。 GRIZZ 至今 4 勝 1 敗,戰績不俗,屬FLIGHT Division 各隊中成績最好一隊,以小組首兩名出線可說毫無疑問。

Mar 27 Round-Up: Can’t Just Be Good for Only 40 Mins


FORCE Division leading B.O.B. stay hot and remain unbeaten, GRIZZ improved to 4-1 and G.T. Explorers continue to fall. However, the most exciting game was the nail-biter between Dream Team and Chung Sing as the last game on March 27.